iRay ZH50 ZOOM Dual Field of View 640 25-50MM 2X/4X Thermal Monocular

iRay ZH50 ZOOM Dual Field of View 640 25-50MM 2X/4X Thermal Monocular

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Unit comes packaged with spare battery from the factory!

The ZOOM Dual Field of View Monocular is unequivocally the most technologically advanced handheld thermal optic to hit the market in history. That’s a bold statement but saying anything else about the ZOOM would be an understatement. What makes it so advanced? There are 3 specific leaps in technology: adjustable optical zoom, Shutterless Calibration Technology (SCT), and a full color 1440x1080 OLED display. These aren’t the only impressive features the ZOOM ZH50 possesses but these three and most importantly the adjustable optical zoom feature are what puts the ZOOM ZH50 in a league of its own.

With the ZOOM’s patented dual-field-of-view design, users can seamlessly switch between a wide field-of-view (FOV) for detection, and a narrow FOV for target identification. This 2X increase in optical magnification occurs with an intuitive twist of the objective focus ring and maintains 100 percent of the sensor’s native resolution.

Why is adjustable optical zoom so important? Thermal monoculars have historically only been offered with a fixed field of view, which means the only way to zoom in and out is digitally through software and digital zoom decreases thermal image resolution.  Just 1 step of digital zoom on a 640x480 sensor degrades the thermal image resolution to 320x240, and another step of digital zoom degrades the thermal image resolution to an abysmal 160x120.  This is the problem that is solved by the ZOOM ZH50’s adjustable optical zoom feature. You now have 1 device with an adjustable field of view. Twist the focus ring to the right to zoom out and you get a 2X - 640x512 thermal resolution image, twist it to the left and get a 4X - 640x512 thermal resolution image.

The fixed field of view limitation in thermal monoculars has always posed a problem of image degradation using digital zoom and the need for 2 devices to achieve dual fields of view in full resolution. InfiRay Outdoor identified this common problem and poured resources into research and development over several years to achieve a solution.  What emerged is an innovative patented dual field of view lens design now offered for the first time in the commercial market in the ZOOM ZH50 Dual Field of View Monocular.

5 year warranty

  • Environmental Specifications

    Operating Temperature Range

    -4°F to 122°F

    Ingress Protection


  • Features & Performance


    5 Years

    Power Source

    IBP-1 Li-Ion Battery Pack

    Run Time

    10 hours

    Video Output


    Image Capture


    Onboard Recording

    Photo and Video

    Video Output

    Analog RS-170/NTSC

    Country of Manufacture


    Connector Type


    Startup Time

    <10 Seconds, Instant from Standby

    Color Palettes

    White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Color, Highlight





    Storage Capacity


    Mobile App


    User-Updatable Firmware


    External Power Source

    Yes - USB-C 5V

  • Optics

    Optical Magnification


    Digital Magnification

    4X, stepped

    Objective Lens Material


    Horizontal Angular Field of View

    17.5° / 8.8°

    Vertical Angular Field of View

    13.1° / 6.6°

    Detection Range

    2400 Yards

    Objective Focal Length


    Objective F#


    Eye Relief


    Exit Pupil


    Display Type


    Display Resolution


    Focusing Mechanism

    Manual Focus

    Diopter Range

    -5 to +5

  • Physical

    Housing Material



    7.48 in


    2.36 in


    2.55 in


    22.92 oz

  • Sensor Specifications

    Device Technology

    Thermal Imaging

    Sensor Type

    InfiRay MICRO II

    Sensor Resolution


    Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC)

    Shutterless, Manual, Automatic, Semi-Automatic

    Spectral Response

    8-12 Microns

    Sensor Frame Rate


    Sensor Pixel Size


    Thermal Sensitivity


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