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Really Right Stuff has always rejected coin-slotted screws for our quick-release plates, no matter how convenient they may appear. Sufficient torque to properly fix the screw just can't be generated with a coin. Instead, we've always chosen hex-socket screws to anchor our quick-release plates. The hex key is an elegant solution for the purpose. Hex keys deliver more than enough torque for the job, are compact, inexpensive, and universally available. The MTX® Multi-Tool is the perfect solution for carrying all of the different sized hex head bits used on all RRS screws, as well as numerous other bits for common photographic industry equipment.

But our product line continues to evolve and expand, leading to an ever-increasing number of tool requirements and types. This tool is the best way to carry all your tools. We offer a variety of alternate and replacement bits that allow you to customize your MTX® Multi-Tool for the way you use it.



  • Fits 3/16" hex socket bits
  • Magnetic driver keeps RRS steel bits securely in place
  • Stainless steel shaft threaded industry-standard 3/8"-16
  • Handle is nicely textured for better grip
  • Secondary bit holders come loaded with 12 extra bits
  • Anodized butt-cap socket threaded industry-standard 3/8"-16
  • Driver bit handle comes with loaded with 10 of the most common RRS tips
  • Custom stubby 3/16" hex key
  • To access stored bits, fully unscrew butt-cap and slide out bit holder
  • Handle storage has waterproof seal

    In The Box:


  • (1) MTX® Driver Handle
  • (2) Bit Holders
  • (22) 3/16" hex socket bits
  • (1) 3/16" hex key
  • (1) Storage Tube
  • (1) MTX® user's guide



  • Weight (including bit holder and 10 bits): 3.4oz/ 95g
  • Weight of secondary bit holders: 1.3oz/ 38g
  • Length of driver handle: 4.9"/ 124mm
  • Total number of bits: 22
  • Number of Hex Keys: 1
  • Replacement bit/hex key cost: $1/$8