Pulsar Talion XQ38 Thermal Riflescope **WITH FREE ACCESSORIES!**

Pulsar Talion XQ38 Thermal Riflescope **WITH FREE ACCESSORIES!**

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Now Includes Free Accessories:

-Free Pulsar APS 5 Battery (Value $69.97) (Scope ships with 2 batteries from factory, so this will bring your total count to 3 which should allow you to run a full night without having to recharge anything!)

-Free Large Thermal Optics Plus Window Decal


Talions are now shipping with the Pulsar Apex / U Mount (featured in the last picture).  If you want a QD style mount this optic will also work with either of the mounts listed below which can be found in the Pulsar Accessories tab of our website:

- Bobro Pulsar QD Mount

- Pulsar Locking QD Mount for Talion, Trail, Apex, Digisight Ulra and Cor Riflescopes

Pulsar’s Talion XQ38 is an exciting thermal addition to Pulsar’s extensive catalogue! With a 384×288 microbolometer sensor resolution, the Talion detects heat signatures up to 1475 yards! Boasting a variable magnification of 2.5-10x, the Talion expertly locates heat signatures in total darkness. The Talion features built-in photo and video recording and a multi-point prism mount to aid in exact positioning on the rifle.  

The Talion has Wi-Fi integration and is supported b the Stream Vision 2 application, ensuring users can capture and preserve all their shooting memories. In a strong, but lightweight, magnesium alloy housing, the Talion has an IPX7 waterproof rating and can withstand calibers up to 12 gauge, 9.3×64 and .375 H&H.  

The Talion XQ38 is an exciting, powerful thermal riflescope from Pulsar that maintains an extremely high image quality in severe weather conditions, and it functions for up to 9 hours on a single battery charge. The Talion also boasts a selection of ten reticle shapes in nine color modes, precision aiming with Picture-in-Picture mode and a large selection of different color palettes.


  • 384×288 microbolometer resolution 
  • 2.5x-10x magnification 
  • 1475-yard detection range 
  • Photo and video recording 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and Stream Vision 2 app supported 
  • Waterproof, IPX7 rated housing 
  • 9 hours of battery life on a single charge 
  • Ten reticles in nine colors 
  • Picture-in-Picture mode 
  • Multiple color palettes 

Differences between Talion XQ38 and Talion XG35

2022 is a memorable year for Pulsar, with 13 brand-new devices.

Not sure which thermal riflescope is the right pick for you? Let's see what each Talion model can offer.

Model: Pulsar Talion XQ38 Pulsar Talion XG35
SKU: 76561
Sensor resolution, pix.: 384x288 640x480
Pixel pitch, μm: 17μm 12μm
Magnification: 2.5-10x 2-16x
Digital zoom: 2x/4x 2x/4x/8x
Lens focus: 38mm 35mm
Relative aperture, D/f: 1.2 1.0
Field of view, deg.: 9.8° 12.5°
Detection range: 1350m
Click value (H/V), mm/100m 17/17- 21mm – 2х
10.5mm – 4х
5.25mm – 8х
2.6mm – 16х
Battery Life: 10 hours 9 hours

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