TFCT-14/Ascend with Anvil-30 ARC

TFCT-14/Ascend with Anvil-30 ARC

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Please note this is more of a glassing or pack hunting style tripod that is lighter in weight and smaller than most other RRS tripods we carry.  This is not recommended for PRS match style shooting or competition style predator hunting.  This particular model also has a shorter than most of the RRS tripods we carry 1st Position Max Height so please read the specs well before buying.  This tripod is super high quality and would be fantastic for mountain style hunting/glassing out of a backpack due to its overall weight and size!  Also, this particular TFCT combo model has been discontinued and only the "L" version which has a taller overall height will be available once these are gone!


Really Right Stuff’s series of TFCT-14 Tripods are a result of continuous improvements based on customer feedback, and come packed with RRS exclusive features. Improvements include the R-LOCK (Rapid-Lock) safety-stop feature in the clamp, which utilizes a 5mm pin that connects with corresponding R-LOCK holes in the rail. This pin is spring loaded which automatically engages with the holes, or can be pushed down by non R-LOCK rails for use with a wide array of “arca-type” rails. The advantage to this system gives the user several “hard-stop” positions along the rail, but retains smooth edges and corners for great ergonomics and is highly resistant to wearing down. This system also helps prevent accidental repositioning of the rail within the clamp when the R-LOCK is engaged. Other features of this tripod include O-rings to keep threads clean and smooth, and a vented clevis design so legs can collapse faster without pressure buildup. This tripod also has threaded sockets on the sides of the apex for placement of accessories like QD attachments or a BC-18, and a patent-pending taper lock system that secures the ball head inside the apex making it unable to slip. In addition, the TFCT-14 is outfitted with offset leg joints, so the weight of heavy loads is distributed to the strongest parts of the tripod.

Features of the TFCT-14 Tripod:

  • Compatible with the RRS 1.5” standard
  • R-LOCK (rapid-lock) safety stops
  • O-rings to keep threads clean
  • Vented clevis
  • Offset leg joints
  • Rubber ball feet


  • Item Condition New
  • Height1st Position Maximum Height: 50.4" / 128 cm 1st Position Minimum Height: 18.3" / 46 cm 1st Position 3/4 Segments Extended: 38.6"
    2nd Position Maximum Height: 40.6"
    2nd Position Minimum Height: 15.2"
    3rd Position Maximum Height: 26.4"
    3rd Position Minimum Height: 10.9"
    4th Position Minimum Height: 5.6" / 14 cm
  • Folded Height19.4"
  • Folded Width3.75"
  • Weight:3.19 lbs
  • Maximum Load Capacity 1st Position Fully Extended: 30 lb
    Load Capacity 2nd Position Fully Extended: 25 lb
    Load Capacity 3rd Position Fully Extended: 20 lb
    Load Capacity 4th Position Fully Collapsed: 30 lb
  • Tripod Leg Sections:4
  • Weight:3-3.9 lbs.
  • Product Type Tripod
  • Tripod Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Tripod Color: Black
  • UPC818413020788