The Q.D.T. (Quick Deploy Tripod)

The Q.D.T. (Quick Deploy Tripod)

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Product Overview:

The Q.D.T. Tripod is truly a gamers tripod. This tripods sole purpose is to give shooters a competitive edge when shooting matches. It features a quick deployment system with 2 leg sections, new ratcheting/locking tabs for even faster deployment.





Leg Sections 

2 / 1 Twist Locks 

Main Tube Diameter 

42MM Main Tube

Collapsed Height 

39 Inches

Deployed Height 

65.5 Inches 

Leg Adjustment Tabs 

Ratcheting Ears 

Twist Locks 

1/4 Turn Twist Locks 

Integrated Spikes In Feet 


Head Options 

Ball head / 75mm Leveling Head 

What's Included 

Tripod & Spiked Feet  

Max Weight Rating