Anvil-30 ARC Ballhead

Anvil-30 ARC Ballhead

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The R-LOCK feature in the clamp is a 5mm pin that mates with corresponding R-LOCK holes in the rail. The pin is spring-loaded to automatically engage the R-LOCK holes or be pushed down by non-R-LOCK rails, making it compatible with a wider range of “arca-type” rails. The user also has the option to disengage the pin at their discretion for rapid re-positioning. Note: Removing the R-Lock butterfly latch and index pin will allow for similar function as the Gen 1 Anvil.

The Anvil-30 ARC Ball head is purpose-built for heavy equipment support from the ground up. We added our patent-pending dual clamp system able to clamp both the RRS Dovetail standard and Picatinny rails in the same unit. We also removed extra knobs/adjustment settings under-utilized in the industry. The Anvil-30 ARC is as rigid as a leveling base but articulates like our popular photography ball heads while minimizing the limitations of each system. We designed this as a lightweight setup and realized its heavy duty potential.


  • R-Lock R-LOCK (short for Rapid-Lock) System adds unique safety-stop features which are built in to both a mounting rail and quick-release clamp that adhere to the RRS 1.5” Standard. The advantage of the System is the user has multiple “hard-stop” positions along the rail while retaining smooth edges and corners for maximum ergonomics and a snag-free interface that is inherently resistant to wearing down. The ”hard-stop” feature is comprised of a 5mm diameter steel pin that engages 5.5mm diameter holes in the rail. In addition to supplementing the traditional friction-based clamping mechanism, the interface prevents unintentional repositioning of the rail within the clamp when the R-LOCK is engaged.
  • • Adjustable clamp jaw allows compatibility with many other arca-type rails that are not in spec with the RRS 1.5" Dovetail Standard
  • • Patent Pending Dual lever-release clamp for fast and easy mounting on RRS Dovetail and Picatinny sections
  • • Ergonomic design gives superior handling and unsurpassed reliability
  • • Stronger, lighter, faster than anything we have seen on the market
  • • Re-positionable lever-release for a variety of situations
  • • Highly-visible level embedded in both front and back sides of the main ball body for left and right-handed users
  • • Laser-engraved millimeter scale offers precise centering and positioning within the clamp jaw
  • • All components are of the finest RRS quality, machined from solid aircraft aluminum or stainless steel for maximum durability and minimum weight
  • Specs

  • Load Capacity: 35 ft-lbs/  kg
  • Height: 2.67"/ 6.78cm
  • Width: 2.51"/ 6.37cm
  • Length: 2.85"/ 7.23cm
  • Ball Diameter: 30mm
  • Tripod Mount: 3/8"-16
  • Weight: 15.2oz/ 433g
  • Warranty may be voided: warranty is voided after it takes more than 25lbs of force to close the handle on a scale, or if deformation of metal at hinge points, in-house repair discretion