66LRX Gun hunters pkg. with 1 color

66LRX Gun hunters pkg. with 1 color

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66LRX Gun hunters pkg. Red, Green, White Or IR.

This package comes with:
1 - 66LRX rifle light with remote wired Dimmer Slide switch.

1 - LED module installed in the light in your choice of color(Red, Green, White, IR). The LED module color determines the color of light your light will emit. Choose your LED module color above. LED modules can be changed in the light in just seconds as it simply screws in and out.

1 - Lens cover to protect the lens when not in use.

1 - Normal flashlight tail cap with heavy duty paracord lanyard.

1 - 18650 Fast Battery charger with USB plug, AC and DC adapter plugs. Will charge 1 fully drained 18650 3500mA battery in about 1.5 hours.

2 - 18650 3500ma protected batteries made by Samsung.

1 - Predator Pro mount

1 - Quality Aluminum case with custom cut EVA foam.


Adjustable focus so you can go from a flood beam to spot beam allowing you to put just the right amount of light on your target.

Dimmer Slide switch gives the user complete control over the lights Brightness simply by sliding the switch to the desired brightness. Has an On/off button on the switch so you can turn the light on/off at any power. Has a small Red indicator light on the switch to let you know when the light is on. This is very important with IR Lights.

Interchangeable LED modules so you can easily change the color.
Dimmer tail cap available for this light in the options above for $17.00.
Fully interchangeable with our 38LRX and 50LRX lights so you can easily convert this light to our 38LRX or 50LRX by buying a 38LRX or 50LRX head.
Runs on 1 18650 Rechargeable battery.

Please note that the 940nm IR will not shine as far as the 850nm IR but the Red glow when you look directly at the LED of the 940nm IR is much less then the Red glow from 850nm IR. We believe that you have less chance of spooking game with the 940nm IR because the Red glow is less and this is what we believe the animals see that cause them to spook. Even with that said, very few animals spook at the 850nm IR.
Predator Pro mount is Height adjustable so you can get the light mounted the right distance from your scope or gun. It's also Windage and Elevation adjustable so you can get the light lined up perfectly with your scope. Will mount to 35mm, 30mm and 1 inch scope tubes or Weaver / Picatinny type rails. Has a quick release knob.
Can be used as a normal flashlight with the included normal flashlight tail cap.
5 year warranty on the housing and LED. 2 years on any external wiring, switches and mounts.

Technical Specs

Made out of aircraft grade aluminum and hard anodized to resist scratching.
Weighs about 14 ounces with battery.
About 7 inches long in flood beam and about 7.5 inches long in spot beam.
Head is about 2.75 inches across with a 1 inch body.
Lumens, Red = 250, Green = 300, White = 400.

Run times: Red, Green and white = 2 hours at full power with very little dimming over that 2 hours and then another 30 minutes with the light dimming over that last 30 minutes. IR = 1 hours at full power with very little dimming and then another 1.5 hours with the light slowly dimming over that time.

Please note that basically none of our competitors will tell how much their lights dim during the run time they list. They will only tell you the total run time. WE have tested most of our top competitors lights and all of them dim more to way more then our lights. In fact we just tested one of our competitors lights that claim a 1 hour and 50 minute run time but after just 30 minutes of running, it dimmed over 200 yards while our light only dimmed 6 yards and after 1 hour and 7 minutes their light dimmed over 400 yards and our light actually shined 7 yards further then when it started. We test all our lights with a light meter so these are facts not guesses.

The 66LRX is simply the furthest shinning Led light on the market for it's size.
Will clear all scopes objectives up to 60mm with our Predator Pro Mount.
Will also mount to weaver/picatinny rails with our Predator Pro Mount.

Turbo IR Differences

The difference between the Turbo IR and the normal IR is all our lights will focus the Turbo IR to a smaller spot beam allowing the user to see much further. You also get a much better digital picture out of your digital night vision scope with the turbo IR than you will with the normal IR. 

Please note that Turbo IR 850 is much brighter and shines further than Turbo IR 940nm just like the the normal IR 850nm is much brighter and shines further than the normal IR 940nm.


When you put the Turbo IR 850nm in our 38LRX light, it will make it shine almost as far as our much bigger Coyote Cannon light with the normal IR 850nm.

Please note that the Turbo IR with our Coyote Cannon, 66LRX, 50LRX lights will not fill the entire scope screen on 2 power scopes on the base magnification like the Wraith HD 2X unless you zoom the scope in some. The Turbo IR may not fill the entire scope screen on some 3 power scopes on the base magnification but it will be very close to filling the entire scope screen. This is due to the variances between lights and scopes.

The Turbo IR will make our 50LRX shine as far as our much bigger Coyote Cannon light with the normal IR.

The 66LRX with the turbo IR will shine further than our Coyote Cannon light with the normal IR. 

The Coyote Cannon with the turbo IR 850nm will shine further than any other LED IR light on the market and there is not even a close second.


Any of our lights with the Turbo IR 850nm and Turbo IR 940nm will shine further than any other IR 850nm or 940nm LED light on the market that is comparable in size. In fact, our 38LRX with the Turbo IR 850nm will shine as far or further than lights that are much bigger like lights that use 66mm, 67mm or 75mm lenses.

Our 50LRX with the turbo IR 850nm will shine further than any other IR 850nm LED light on the market other than our 66LRX and Coyote Cannon lights with the Turbo IR 850nm.

Please note that if you never need to see past 200 yards then it might be best to go with our normal IR 850nm module instead because the Turbo IR is probably not going to help you see better at those distances with digital night vision. This is because most digital night vision scopes automatically adjust the brightness of the scope so when the scope gets more light than it needs it just dims the brightness down. This means a much brighter light might not look any brighter than the one that is dimmer at close distances. You will start to notice the difference when you start looking at distances the dimmer light can not fully illuminate any more because it's not bright enough.  For example, if you turn on a Digital night vision scope with the stock IR light and aim it at a wall 40 yards away, the stock light will probably look as bright as our Coyote Cannon light with the Turbo IR because the Night vision digital scope is brightening the picture with the stock light and is dimming the brightness when our Coyote Cannon light is on because it puts out way more light than the scope needs.  Now if you shine both on a wall 700 yards away, you wont even be able to see the wall at 700 yards with the stock light but you will see it great with the Coyote Cannon light.

We are probably the only company that sells IR hunting lights that has a meter to measure the intensity of IR light. Now the intensity will never tell you how far the light will shine but the higher the intensity is, the further the light will shine. For example, all our lights with the Turbo IR will put out about 3-5 times the intensity than it does with the normal IR. No this doesn't mean you will see 3-5 times as far, but you will be able to see further. How much further is impossible for us to say because there are just too many variables that are in play for us to say.  One of the big advantages is the turbo IR 850nm will now allow users to use a much smaller light to see the same distance as bigger lights or continue to use the same light to see further with the new Turbo IR. 

Run time with the Turbo IR is just shy of two hours and the light will be just as bright at 1:45 as it was when you first turned it on with a fully charged battery. The normal IR run time is about 2.5 hours but it will dim the entire life of the battery and will only be at about 60% brightness at 2 hours. This means you get a longer useful runtime out of the out of the turbo IR because most hunters will usually swap to a fully charge battery after 1.5 hours when using the normal IR so they can have a brighter light.

We know this can be confusing but you can't go wrong with either the normal IR or the Turbo IR. You can order both if you want or order the other one later on since they simply screw in and out of the light.

Please note that just like our normal IR 850 will be brighter and shine further than the normal IR 940nm, the Turbo IR 850nm will be brighter and shine further than the Turbo IR 940nm.