BOBRO InfiRay Outdoor RICO Dual Lever Mount **WITH FREE ACCESSORIES!**

BOBRO InfiRay Outdoor RICO Dual Lever Mount **WITH FREE ACCESSORIES!**

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-Free Mount Hardware / Mounting Screws

At some point InfiRay Outdoor changed the length of screws they were sending with some stock Rico mounts, this creates an issue of the stock screws being too long for use with aftermarket ADM and Bobro mounts.  We have sourced the correct length screws to use with those mounts and made them available for purchase since these are not something easy to find at most hardware stores.  These screws will come free with either aftermarket mount we offer, as of 1-23-23.  These screws can also be purchase separately and are listed under the InfiRay Outdoor section of our website.

Highly adjustable dual lever mount for the InfiRay Outdoor RICO thermal. The mount is comprised of our existing Pulsar Trail base which hosts the adapter that the RICO body is screwed into. Simply attach the adapter to the RICO thermal using the factory screws and then, using the screws that we provide, lock it down wherever you need it in the track of the Pulsar Trail base. This allows for complete control over the amount of eye relief depending on the weapon platform or shooting style of the user. This mount also enables the user to swap between a daytime optic and the thermal while still maintaining a perfect zero.  This mount helps greatly with not having to take your head out of your normal shooting position to be able to see the symbols at the top of the Rico screen as well as being able to get proper eye relief with many bolt gun platforms!

Height: 1.825" to the centerline of the optic

Weight: 8 oz.
Part Number: BRM-000-001