Dimmer Tail Cap

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Dimmer tail cap:

This dimmer tail cap will work with all our 30LR, 38LRX, 50LR, 50LRX, 66LR and 66LRX lights and replaces the current tail cap you have on the light. Will not work with any other model lights.
Has a dial on the back of the tail cap that you turn to adjust your lights brightness from 10% power to 100% power. 

Very important Please Read: This dimmer tail cap will not work with some of the aluminum LED modules we have sold in the past with our 30LR, 50LR and 66LR lights. Will work with all our current LED modules including our New LED X modules that are copper. To find out if you have LED modules that will work with the dimmer tail cap, please take the LED module you have out of the light and look at the back of it and if you see numbers all around on the edge of the green board that the spring is attached to then this dimmer tail cap will work with them. If yours does not have numbers on the board then you will have to get new LED modules to work with the dimmer and they can be added in the options above at a discounted price. The LED modules in the options above are our new LED X modules. We added a picture to the left showing what the board should look like that will work with the dimmer tail cap. Dimmer tail cap will work with our new copper IR LED modules and all our copper LED X modules that come with our new 38LRX, 50LRX and 66LRX lights.