InfiRay Outdoor M6T 25mm Laser Rangefinding 640 12 25mm Mobile Thermal PTZ

InfiRay Outdoor M6T 25mm Laser Rangefinding 640 12 25mm Mobile Thermal PTZ

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The M6 thermal PTZ camera system is designed to enhance scanning capabilities while on-board a vehicle and is over-built to maintain performance through years of use and exposure to the elements. Our mission is simple—to create the highest quality thermal PTZ systems available for night hunters. The M6 is packed full of useful features including video recording, gyro stabilization, and mobile app connectivity with wireless streaming. The new M6 is includes an integrated laser pointer and laser rangefinder for increased situational awareness. The M6 kit has everything you need to add thermal to any vehicle including power and signal wiring harnesses and an easy-to-use wired thumbstick controller. In just a few minutes you can upgrade any vehicle with powerful thermal imaging technology.

An included wired remote with a thumb-actuated joystick provides smooth and precise pan and tilt control of the M6 unit. Position can also be controlled through the mobile app.

  • Optics

    Objective Focal Length


    Digital Magnification


    Optical Magnification


    Objective Diameter


    Detection Range

    1375 Yards

    Objective F#


    Objective Lens Material


  • Physical


    70.5 Oz.

    Housing Material


  • Features & Performance



    Onboard Recording


    Mobile App


    User-Updatable Firmware


    External Power Source

    DC 12V


    5 Years

    Country of Manufacture


  • Sensor Specifications

    Sensor Type

    InfiRay MICRO II

    Device Technology

    Thermal Imaging

    Sensor Resolution


    Sensor Pixel Size


    Sensor Frame Rate


    Thermal Sensitivity


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