JL MetalWorx Thermion Turret Cap and External Wire Kit for USB-C

JL MetalWorx Thermion Turret Cap and External Wire Kit for USB-C

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This cap will NOT work with ANY Pulsar optics that use a USB-Micro port such as Thermion XM models, ANY Thermion models that are not listed as "PRO", the Digex N450 digital night vision optic.  We have another kit for those optics called the JL MetalWorx Thermion Turret Cap and External Wire Kit for USB-Micro.

This kit WILL work with the new Pulsar C50 Digital Night Vision as well as Thermion 2 XP50 Pro AND Thermion 2 XP50 Pro LRF optics.

The JL MetalWorx Thermion Turret Cap and External Wire Kit features a specially designed turret cap that will simultaneously keep your usb port protected from damage while also allowing the use of a TOPK magnetic wire kit to connect to an external battery pack.  It is recommended that only Anker battery packs are used with this kit.  The turret cap is designed to help keep the magnetic wire in place and plugged in while also allowing some breakaway possibility if the wire is snagged.  Not only does this turret cap look good but its design adds the capability to run external battery packs safely by protecting your vulnerable usb connection on the scope.  The TOPK wire kit use original TOPK product only and give the user the best magnetic connection available on the market.  You have the option to add the JL Metalworx Rechargeable Battery Kit, which uses an original Anker battery, at a discounted price if purchase with this turret cap and wire kit.


JL MetalWorx Rechargeable Battery Kit (below is specific info about the external battery part of this kit only):

The JL MetalWorx Rechargeable Battery Kit is a collaboration with Thermal Optics Plus to bring customers a lite weight, extremely strong, durable and easy to use solution for running optics all night long without the clutter of pouches and strange attachments running all over the gun.  The battery holder is custom CNC'd out of billet aluminum and weighs in at less than 3 ounces, anodized black for a durable coating with lasered logos. Not only will this holder last but it also looks great and matches many higher end optic coatings.  The holder features a robust mounting system and hardware that attaches to picatinny railing.  Specific cutouts in the metal let you control the battery as well as monitor the power level without ever needing to remove the Anker battery that comes with it; however, the battery pack is as easily removeable as it is secured, in case you want to use a backup battery at any time. (this external battery kit can be bought by itself in the accessories section of the website)