JL MetalWorx Trijicon Rechargeable Battery Kit

JL MetalWorx Trijicon Rechargeable Battery Kit

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Please read red part of description carefully, these kits are for the first generation optics where batteries sit end to end as shown in the pictures, these kits will not work with generation 2 or 3 optics where batteries sit side by side!

CR123 batteries can cost a small fortune, pouches and wires are cumbersome and snag at night.  The JL MetalWorx rechargeable battery kit for Trijicon scopes and scanners solve these problems while remaining safe to use with and provide a number of improvements over other products on the market.  Tubes are anodized to match your Trijicon product and the coating is very durable.  The main portion of the tube is screwed on and utilizes the stock Trijicon o-ring to remain water resistant and maintain tension.  The end cap has grooves to help quickly remove it for battery changes and also uses an o-ring for water resistance and maintaining tension. 

Two kits are available, one for IR Hunter Models (does not work with the newer series 2 Hunters where the batteries sit side by side) and a slightly different kit for Reaps, Snipe IR, and IR Patrol thermals (does not work with newer series 2 and 3 Reaps where the batteries sit side by side instead of end to end).  The kits utilize different size end caps, different size batteries and come with their own unique set of instructions.  The main portion of the tube and the provided battery charger is the same for either kit we offer.

Each kit is intended to only be used with its specified Trijicon product and only Keep Power / Orbtronic batteries can be used safely. 

Kit Includes:

JL MetalWorx Battery Tube

Instruction Sheet

Set of Keep Power or Orbtronic Batteries (second set optional)

XTAR VC2 Charger