Kopfjager Replacement Grip Sleeves

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Kopfjäger offers Replacement Grip Sleeves for the industry favorite, Reaper Grip. The sleeves are crafted out of a durable PVC material and weigh in at just 26 grams. The Replacement Grip Sleeves can also be layered over existing sleeves on Reaper Grips to provide more grip towards smaller diameter rifles. The replacement sleeve is also compatible with Kopfjäger's Ambush.

***Last picture shows how some users like to stack an extra set of grip sleeves over the original ones to facilitate smaller diameter rifles.  This is most easily done by cutting the tips off of the replacement grip sleeves and it help to use some rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits (anything that dries well) as lubricant to get them over the top of the original grip sleeves.


Dimensions (in/mm)

4.1x0.39x2.3 / 104x10x58



Weight (lbs/g)

.06 / 26