Leg Stopper Head Assembly for QDT /  QDT V2

Leg Stopper Head Assembly for QDT / QDT V2

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The new leg stopper head assembly will allow you to turn your QDT or QDT V2 into a leg stopper equipped QDT V2. 

The leg stopper feature does not allow your tripod legs to cross each other when closed or during transport.

This head assembly does NOT feature a removable 75mm bowl like a QDT or Recon so it will turn your tripod into a v2 series tripod without a bowl.

Simply remove your old center section from your current legs and attach the new leg stopper center section back to the legs.

If your legs can not cross each other with your current tripod setup then you already have a leg stopper equipped center section and there is no need for this product.  If you have any questions or need clarification please contact us before ordering.