PT-Scout Pan-Tilt Head

PT-Scout Pan-Tilt Head

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- If you want a PT-Scout Pan Tilt-Head with BTC-Pro or SC-ARC clamp and the website shows out of stock you can order the head without a clamp and order the clamp separately from our website, it comes out to the same price, you will just need to attach it with the included hardware.

- The ARMS-LR clamp is compatible with the PT-Scout as well, that clamp is longer in production, however we have a very limited supply still available and they do come with the hardware needed to attach.


Precision-Tuned Performance

Tailor your tilt pre-tension for stable tracking, regardless of optic size, and benefit from the extra-long threaded handle ensuring unmatched observation detail.

Unparalleled Versatility

Compatible with SC-ARC, BTC-PRO, and ARMS-17 style clamps, featuring a customizable pan brake/drag knob configuration and a dual 1.5" RRS dovetail with RRS-Lock for secure equipment mounting.

Your Trustworthy Field Companion

Designed for robustness, flexibility, and operational readiness, the PT-Scout enhances scouting missions, boosting confidence and results in any environment.


No Clamp

Optimize your current gear with the PT-Scout No Clamp option, perfect for those already equipped with an RRS or ARMS-17s compatible clamp.

Weight: 5.82 oz (Handle included)


Discover flexibility with the PT-Scout featuring the BTC-Pro clamp. Prioritize weight savings without losing grip strength and functionality. For users who need more compatibility with 3rd party plates and rails.

Weight: 7.86 oz (Handle included)


Upgrade your outdoor adventures with the PT-Scout equipped with the lever release SC-ARC clamp, expertly designed for speed, security, and versatility. For users seeking to maximize the benefits of RRS-Lock.

Weight: 9.52 oz (Handle included)


  • Removable Handle: Provides flexibility for user preference and packing considerations. The handle's extra-long threading prevents accidental removal.
  • Extendable Handle: Offers a 2-inch extension range, catering to various use scenarios and user preferences such as mounting larger optics or cold conditions.
  • Fine Adjustable Tilt Pre-Tension: Allows users to adjust the tension to accommodate different optics sizes, ensuring smooth tracking and precise control.
  • ARMS-17s Mounting Solution: Wether you own an exisiting RRS clamp, or another, the PT-Scout features an ARMS-17s mounting solution to increase fucntionality and compatiblity.
  • SC-ARC and BTC-PRO Clamp Compatibility: This compatibility enables the PT-Scout to function with our most popular clamp options.
  • Tilt Head Notch: Tilt the head 90° into the base's notch for extra torque on a 3/8”-16 stud, offering additional stability when needed.  
  • Swappable Pan Brake/Drag Knob: Pan control knob can be moved to the either side based on user preference, enhancing usability and customization.
  • Dual 1.5" RRS Dovetail Base: Includes RRS-Lock for secure and robust mounting of equipment.
  • Design: The design of the PT-Scout is user-centered, ensuring convenience and personalized configuration.
  • Patent Pending


The PT-Scout features a removable and extendable handle with extra-long threading to prevent accidental removal. The PT-Scout is also compatible with SC-ARC and BTC-PRO clamps increasing user compatibility. The PT-Scout can be clamped into existing ball heads or directly mounted onto a 3/8" stud, providing users with versatility to adapt to various operational scenarios.


Equipped with a fine-tunable tilt pre-tension system, the PT-Scout allows users to increase drag for larger optics, ensuring smooth tracking and steadfast stability. This enhances precision control, crucial for achieving success in scouting missions.


The PT-Scout's pan brake/drag knob can be swapped to the other side for user convenience, and the dual 1.5" RRS dovetail base with RRS-Lock ensures a secure and robust mount for equipment. These thoughtful design elements enhance user experience and ease of operation.



Height: 45mm

Width: 41mm

Length: 52mm (Body only)

Handle: 145mm x 25.4mm

Weight: 5.82 oz (Handle included)



Height: 58mm

Width: 42mm

Length: 65mm (Body Only)

Handle: 145mm x 25.4mm

Weight: 7.86 oz (Handle included)



Height: 60mm

Width: 63mm

Length: 64mm (Body only)

Handle: 145mm x 25.4mm

Weight: 9.52 oz (Handle included)


(1) PT-Scout (no clamp)

(1) SC-ARC or BTC-PRO depending on variation

(1) 1/8" hex keys (required to mount clamp to body)

(1) 7/64" hex keys (required to adjust tilt tension)

(1) User's guide