Reaper Rail Arca Swiss / Picatinny

Reaper Rail Arca Swiss / Picatinny

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The Reaper Rail is the newest addition to Kopfjager Industries fine line of shooting platforms. This Rail mount gives the shooter the benefit of a ball head but with none of the drawbacks. Since it is engineered into our pan/tilt head mount, it maintains not only great stability but also has superior shooting ergonomics as compared to that of ballhead. Like our original Reaper Grip, the Reaper Rail allows for both vertical and horizontal travel with the addition to adjust for canting the rifle to level. The Rail can be purchased with either the Picatinny or Arca Swiss mounting option. This patent pending innovation eliminates the need for slight adjustments to the tripod if it is not level. The 11 degrees of rifle cant (both directions) gives the shooter the opportunity to quickly level the rifle while setting up for those hasty shots in the field and gives a more compact, lighter weight alternative to our original grip without sacrificing stability.

If you currently own our reaper grip, you can convert it to a Reaper Rail with just the purchase of the Rail Plate and Cant Level (mounting screws included).

The Reaper Rail is designed to be used with medium and heavy duty tripods with 3/8-16 threaded studs. If you have a tripod with the smaller 1/4-20 threaded stud, we include an adapter to allow it to work on those models as well.


6061-T6 Aluminum construction

Overall Dimensions 6” L X 5.5” H X 4.5”W

Weight—2.0 lbs.

Pan Rotation Angle --360°

Vertical Rotation Angle--86° down- 20° up

Rifle Cant Angle — 11 degrees both ways
Mounting Threads--3/8"-16 (1/4-20 adapter included)