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Since launching our first carbon fiber tripods in 2009, we have been dedicated to making the world’s finest tripods. With the help of our customers’ invaluable feedback, we continuously make improvements. After years of development, we are excited to present our new Mark 2 tripod line.

Improved ergonomics make operating the tripod more comfortable and seamless. Additional 1/4"-20 sockets along the outside of the tripod’s apex allow you to attach optional accessories and shoulder-strap mounts. The Mark 2 tripods are faster to lock/unlock and hold up better to the elements. Redesigned twist-locks prevent grit and debris from contaminating the threads. We added a vent at the top of each leg to allow efficient air transfer when extending or collapsing, for rapid deployment and take down. 

What hasn’t changed is our attention to detail, high-quality craftsmanship and commitment to proudly make and hand-assemble all our tripods in the USA.

The TVC-22i Mk2 is the first ever inverted tripod in the RRS line. Weighing only 4.3 pounds yet capable of supporting 60 pounds. Our 2 series inverted tripod is the perfect choice for full-sized firearm combos, needed for rock solid support of full-length rifle chassis, extreme spotting scopes, and large format surveillance equipment. While being incredibly light weight makes them easy to carry and use, this option is an easier entry point into the RRS line for the newer competitors, hunters, and hobbyists not quite ready to purchase a full package.
The 22i model will be a favorite among competition shooters, predator hunters, and newer flat range hobbyists. More rigid than any of our other 2 or 3 Series Tripods, the 22i with its inverted legs, make the twist lock mechanism faster and intuitive for the timed shooter. While staying out of the mud for the predator hunter, and removing unneeded twist-locks/rubber over-molds/etc for the new shooter looking for a higher quality yet affordable tripod. 

The TVC-22i Mk2 has all the features of the other RRS Versa lines but is unable to accept the TFCT Apex conversion for Anvil ball head. Users wanting to create a tripod and Anvil package will have the purchase the 2 series Anvil platform adapter (TA-2-APF).



  • New inverted legs increase rigidity while relocating the twist locks to an easier manipulated area, while putting the locks further away from harsh outside elements
  • New twist locks with integrated wipers to keep particles out of the locking mechanism, providing better resistance to the elements
  • New improved knurling pattern feels better on your skin
  • New collets replace the old locking gibbs, reducing lock engagement to half the travel to lock and unlock faster with less effort
  • New O-rings help keep threads clean and smooth while providing better tactile feedback
  • New vented clevis design allow legs to collapse faster without pressure buildup
  • New threaded sockets on the sides of the apex provide better placement for accessories like QD (Quick Detach) attachments or a BC-18
  • Less tools to carry when changing apex accessories; the 2 and 3 Series SureGrip (TVC models only) now uses the same 5/32” hex key you likely have stored on your RRS plate
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Made from CNC-machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Solid ring apex for strength and reliability
  • Ergonomic spring-loaded pull tabs with visual lock/unlock
  • Fast, modular, and customizable design

    In The Box:


  • (1) TVC-22i Mk2 SOAR® Series 2 Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • (2) 3/16" hex keys (required to adjust leg angle tension)
  • (1) 5/32" hex key (required to loosen/tighten SureGrip set screws)
  • (1) Nylon stud-cover nut
  • (1) User's guide


    TVC-22i Mk2 SOAR® Series 2 Tripods

  • Leg Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Number of Leg Sections: 2
  • Load Capacity 1st Position Fully Extended: 95lbs
  • Load Capacity 2nd Position Fully Extended: 60lbs
  • Load Capacity 3rd Position Fully Collapsed: 75lbs
  • 1st Position Maximum Height: 64.3"/ 163.4cm
  • 1st Position Minimum Height: 34.8"/ 88.5cm
  • 2nd Position Maximum Height: 44.2"/ 112.3cm
  • 2nd Position Minimum Height: 24.2"/ 61.5cm
  • 3rd Position Minimum Height: 5.5"/ 13.9cm
  • Folded Length: 38.2"/ 97.1cm
  • Folded Diameter: 5.4"/ 13.7cm
  • (Heights and Length exclude 0.313"/ 8mm stud height)
  • Weight: 4.28lbs/ 1942g