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Really Right Stuff TVC-24L Overview

The TVC-24L Versa Mk2 from Really Right Stuff is the "extra-tall" version of the traditional TVC-24 model. It has been designed for photographers who require extra height for shooting over crowds, standing in water, or for everyday photography.

Constructed from Really Right Stuff's patented carbon fiber weave, the TVC-24L weighs in at an impressive 3.7 lb and can safely support up to 40 lb of equipment. Its 4-section, extra-long leg design allows the tripod to extend to a maximum height of 66.1" and lower down to a minimum working height of just 3.7".

Quick set-up and break-down is facilitated by easy-to-use twist locks that require just a quarter rotation to unlock and re-lock each leg section. This design also helps to maintain the tripod's slim folded silhouette. Additionally, when traveling with or storing the tripod, the entire support can fold down to just 23" in length, small enough to travel or hike with.

Each leg is attached to the tripod's collar via an offset leg joint that helps to evenly distribute heavy loads and maintain the tripod's rigidity. The joints and collar itself are constructed of lightweight anodized aluminum which, aside from lending inherent strength to the tripod, also provide it with natural wear and corrosion resistance. Each one of the three leg joints also feature a ratcheting angle stop that automatically locks into place as the legs are folded downward into "standard" position.

The TVC-24L's feet are a unique teardrop shape, which prevents the leg sections from touching the ground at even the lowest height settings and the most unusual angles. Their rubber exterior provides a non-slip grip on nearly any surface and can be used both indoors and outdoors without concern. For users wishing to change the native rubber feet to metal "all-terrain" spikes, a set of metal spikes are available separately.

  • Twist locks with integrated wipers to keep particles out of the locking mechanism, providing better resistance to the elements
  • Improved knurling pattern designed to feel better on your skin
  • Collets replace the old locking gibbs, reducing lock engagement to half the travel to lock and unlock faster with less effort
  • O-rings help keep threads clean and smooth while providing better tactile feedback
  • Vented clevis design allows legs to collapse faster without pressure buildup
  • Threaded sockets on the sides of the apex provide better placement for accessories like QD attachments or a BC-18



  • Number of Leg Sections: 4
  • Load Capacity 1st Position Fully Extended:  70lbs/ 32kg
  • Load Capacity 2nd Position Fully Extended:  40lbs/ 18kg
  • Load Capacity 3rd Position Fully Collapsed:  55lbs/ 25kg
  • 1st Position Maximum Height: 66.4"/ 169cm
  • 1st Position Minimum Height: 21.4"/ 54cm
  • 1st Position 3/4 Segments Extended: 50.4"/ 128cm
  • 2nd Position Maximum Height: 45.7"/ 116cm
  • 2nd Position Minimum Height: 15.1"/ 38cm
  • 3rd Position Minimum Height: 4.1"/ 10cm
  • Folded Length: 23.3"/ 59cm
  • Folded Length (with stud): 23.6"/ 60cm
  • Folded Diameter: 4.7"/ 12 cm
  • (Heights and Length exclude 0.313"/ 8mm stud height)
  • Weight: 3.84lbs/ 1741g


1) TVC Mk2 Carbon Fiber Tripod

(2) 3/16" hex keys (required to adjust leg angle tension)

(1) 5/32" hex key

(1) Nylon stud-cover nut

(1) User's Guide